[Premium] Constitutional Validity of Article 35A – Critical Analysis

The Supreme Court is hearing a PIL petition that challenges the constitutional validity of Article 35A. Article 35A provisions need an understanding in the context of promises made under the Indian federation.

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Precision Farming in India – Features, Merits, Demerits and Challenges

What is Precision Farming? Precision agriculture refers to the precise application of agricultural inputs with respect to soil, weather and crop need in order to improve productivity, quality, and profitability in agriculture. It is a modern agriculture practice involving the use of technology in agriculture like remote sensing, GPS and …

Artificial Leaf – The next big thing in the fight against climate change

What is Artificial Leaf? The artificial leaf is a silicon-based technology which produces hydrogen energy (a clean fuel) by utilizing sunlight to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. It is designed to mimic photosynthesis, the natural mechanism by which plants utilize sunlight to produce carbohydrates and store energy. But …

Gobardhan Yojana – The scheme that could create 1.5 million jobs!

Expected questions for mains: “The productive utilization of cow dung could create 1.5 million jobs nationally”. Discuss this statement with reference to the recently launched Gobardhan Scheme. Examine the key features of the Gobardhan Yojana. Critically analyze the potential benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of Gobardhan Scheme. Why …