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  • 1.06.2019 – Composition & eligibility added to the chart.
  • 13.05.2019 – SC and HC: CJ appointment added, National Commission for Backward Classes added.
  • 12.05.2019 – Lokpal and Lokayuktas – appointment – mistakes rectified.

Indian Polity is one of the most scoring as well as difficult subjects. It means it is easy to score high marks in this subject if you have your facts right. But it is difficult to score if you have confused the facts and you will come back from the exam hall with regret even though you’ve prepared the subject well but failed to do proper comparisons.

You will more likely to get confused in case of various posts/bodies like President, Vice President, PM, CM, Election Commission, Finance Commission, etc. and their tenure, composition, eligibility, who appoints them, who removes them, etc. These kind of questions are favorite weapons of UPSC to filter out potential candidates from lakhs of aspirants.

To make your life easier, I have compiled all the constitutional and non-constitutional posts/bodies under different columns like Tenure, Composition, eligibility, Who appoints, Who removes and Statutory/Non-statutory in a single table chart. With this chart, you don’t have to flip the pages in your laxmikanth book, back and forth for comparisons. Certain authorities/bodies not mentioned in standard books are also added in this chart.

Also, some similarities between different posts such as who holds office during the pleasure of president or governor?, who can be removed with the same procedure as SC judge? etc. are highlighted with the same colour.

Hope it helps boost your marks in Prelims.

All the best!!

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