IE Membership

Why IE Membership? 

With IE Membership, you can access all the IE Articles (Current Affairs) and IE Mind Maps (Static syllabus covered) online using the unique design of IAS EXPRESS. Gold, Platinum & Platinum Plus members can download IE Magazines (Monthly PDFs of IE Articles) for offline reading of IE Articles. Platinum Plus Members can also download IE Mind Maps for offline reading.

Why IE Articles?

  • IE Articles are in-depth articles on important current affairs topics which will be useful especially for mains. In prelims also, it’ll be helpful to easily solve some difficult current affairs questions which are too analytical and confusing to answer. So by reading and revising IE articles regularly, you will get an edge over your competitors.
  • IE Articles also comes with mindmaps like this for better understanding and quick revision.
  • The read-out-loud feature is also available in IE Articles.
  • Over 100 Marks worth of 2018 Mains GS questions could be directly answered with just August and September months articles – Click here to know more. 

Why IE Mindmaps?

IE Mindmaps are the mindmaps that cover the static syllabus of all the subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Culture, Economy, Environment & International relations. Mindmaps are made through the reference from both standard and advanced books and internet for additional analysis. Read the article – How to remember everything you learn? to get an idea about Mind Maps and other memory techniques.

Note: IE Mindmaps are not only for UPSC exam but also for any competitive or school or college exams which have these subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Culture, Economy, Environment & International relations.

How it will benefit you?

  1. Big picture – You can take in the bigger picture quickly and easily at a glance.
  2. Better recollection – The visual nature of mindmaps allows for easy recall.
  3. Simplification – Mindmaps allow for the simplification of complex relationships between topics.
  4. Quick revision – Every point is organized and linked in a way that enables quick revision.
  5. Creativity – Your creativity will get boosted as you can get big-picture easily with mind maps.
  6. Interactive – IE Mindmap is interactive i.e., you can collapse, expand, navigate around and search for particular topic inside the mindmap. It is not possible in image or PDF mindmaps. You can read it with any device (Mobile/Tablet/PC). No software is needed.
  7. Updated – Unlike pdf/image mind maps, IE Mind maps will be periodically updated by us according to the changing needs of the exam.
  8. Question paper-based – Contents in the mind maps were prepared based on solving previous years question papers (both prelims and mains) = high chance of success in the examination.
  9. Crack GS (Prelims & Mains) – General Studies section of the exam could be easily cleared with IE Mindmaps. Around 85-90% of UPSC Prelims Paper 1 static questions could be solved with IE Mindmaps.

What is IE Magazine?

  • IE Magazines are monthly PDF compilations of both free and premium IE Articles.
  • Sample Magazine – Click here to download.
  • With Gold (6 Months), Platinum (12 Months) & Platinum Plus Membership, you can download all the previous months and coming months magazines for free until the membership expiry. 

How to become a member? 

Step 1: Scroll down this page and choose the plan in “Membership Plans” and click “Add to Cart”. Then proceed to checkout.

Step 2: At the checkout page, you will need to create an account with your username and password. You can also register through Google or Facebook account.

Step 3: On successful payment, your membership will be activated immediately and automatically (no manual approval needed).

Step 4: You can then sign-in to your account by clicking “My Account” in the Menu and then you can access all the Premium articles and Static Mind Maps. You can see your membership details, membership expiration date, etc. by clicking “Membership” in the Menu. 

Membership Plans 

Have any queries? 

Following are the questions frequently asked by our customers regarding our products. Hope it answers your query. If it doesn’t, feel free to contact us by clicking the mail icon on the bottom right of this page or directly mail us at

What is the difference between Platinum and Platinum Plus Plan?

Platinum = Static Mindmaps (Online) + Current Articles (Online) + PDF Magazines.

Platinum Plus = Static Mindmaps (Online) + Current Articles (Online) + PDF Magazines + Static Mindmaps (Offline/Downloadable).

Is there any refund option?
  • Yes, we provide 100% money back guarantee if there is any login problem or you are unable to access premium content. But we'll do it only after we verify the issue and try to solve it using remote software like Teamviewer.
  • Refunds will not be provided for reasons like not liking the content because you would have purchased the membership only after trying our free content = you like our content.
How many persons can use an account at the same time?

IE Membership works in any number of devices. But, only one person can use it at a time. For example, you can share your ID with your friend, and he/she can log-in and access premium content with his/her device. During that time, your session will be logged out in your device. Similarly, if you log into your device, your friend's session will be logged out automatically. In short, IE Membership is like a physical book, anyone can borrow and read it, but only one person at a time.

What should I do after making payment?
  • After payment, you will be automatically logged-in. If not, click "My Account" in the Menu and log-in. Then you can access all premium content.
  • Check your membership details by clicking "Membership" in the Menu.


Do I need to read newspapers if I’m reading IE articles?

IE Articles only provide a big-picture analysis of burning issues that you've been reading in the news so that you will be able to better comprehend those issues and write awesome answers in the exam. So reading newspapers are must and should never be neglected in order to cover all issues. Also, reading newspapers will improve your reading and writing skills as well as your perspective on various issues.

Are Current articles (IE Articles) useful for both prelims and mains?

IE articles will be useful particularly for mains because of the in-depth analysis of hot-topics (Click here). For prelims, it will be useful to solve some very difficult/analytical questions being asked by UPSC to filter out potential candidates from lakhs of aspirants. So it gives you an edge over your competitors.

Do static Mindmaps cover all the static syllabus of UPSC?

Static mindmaps cover all static portion for prelims (Click here). It covers around 60% of mains static syllabus. Remaining will be covered by June-July.

Can I purchase mindmaps of a single subject like Polity or Economy?

No. We want you to get the full benefit of IAS EXPRESS i.e., all static mindmaps, current articles and study tips, which works in an integrated way. You will get access to all features with IE membership. So you can't purchase mindmaps for a single subject.

Can I download all previous months magazines?
  • Yes. With Gold/Platinum/Platinum Plus plan, you can access and download all previous months and coming months IE Magazines until the membership expiry.
  • As they are PDFs, you can also take printouts.
Will I get PDFs/JPEGs of Static Mindmaps and take printouts?

No. Static Mindmaps are interactive mindmaps in HTML format. It opens in web browsers. With the Platinum plus plan, you can download those files and read it offline. Other members can read it online only.

You can take screenshots if you want and then take printouts. But we advise you not to do that because it'll be very difficult and time-consuming task as there are thousands of nodes/info in a single mindmap + you won't get inter-relationship between different topics in the same mindmap if you read it in pdf/jpeg format.




Unbelievably amazing and very effective in quick revision

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Vikas Hooda
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More useful than referring standard books

I really like the articles of IAS EXPRESS. It is very useful particularly for mains. I don’t have to refer anything else. And the static mind maps covers every portion and very well organised. I find it more useful than referring standard books because it gives you the big-picture easily.… Read more “More useful than referring standard books”

Prakash Kumar
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A smarter way of IAS preparation

The unique n easy way of remembering thru their mindmaps are commendable. Its the one stop solution of contemporary articles n current affrs with updated data n facts. A smarter way of prep

Spalzes Dolma
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Very innovative and easy to understand articles & mindmaps. Thank you.

Platinum Plus Member

Best Ever Mind maps

Pradeep S
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Great articles & mindmaps

Great articles and mindmaps. Useful for both prelims and mains.

Nisha Kale
Bronze Member

Amazing Mindmaps!!!

Minds maps are amazing , huge topics can be revised in 15 minutes . Every topic of static syllabus is covered . Monthly magazines are very crisp and everything has a background info.

Shubreet Lalli
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Thank you for creating such a beautiful course.

Sir I am fully satisfied with your approach. Thank you for creating such a beautiful course.

Abhishek Chakraborty
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Best site for preparation

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A great way to retain the subject with crisp points

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