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Why IE Membership? 

  • With IE Membership, you can access all the IE Articles (Current Affairs) and IE Mind Maps (Static syllabus covered) online using the unique design of IAS EXPRESS without ads.
    • The Aim is to make IAS EXPRESS as your current affairs and general studies notebook.
    • For example, if you want to read every article related to “Right to Privacy”, you just need to click in the menu: IE Articles->Subjects wise -> Society -> Right to privacy. There you will find all in-depth articles related to Right to privacy = you get big-picture.  Mains wise category can also be used in the same way.
    • If you want yearly/monthly compilation, then: IE Articles -> Months-wise -> Year -> Month.
    • Each node of the IE Mind Map (static syllabus) will also be linked with the related category of IE Articles (current affairs) = Very deep understanding of the concept.
  • Over 90% of Prelims Paper 1 static questions could be solved with IE Mindmaps. 2017 paper (Click here) and 2018 paper (Click here).
  • Over 100 Marks worth of 2018 Mains GS questions (current affairs) could be answered with just August and September months articles (free & premium)  – Click here to know more

How to become a member? 

Step 1: Scroll down this page and select the plan of your choice in “Membership Plans” and add to cart.

Step 2: At the checkout page, you will need to create an account with your username and password. If you have already created an account, just sign-in and pay for the membership.

Step 3: After successful payment, your membership will be activated immediately.

Step 4: You can then sign-in to your account by clicking “My Account” in the Menu and then you can access all the Premium articles and Static Mind Maps. You can see your membership details, membership expiration date, etc. by clicking “Membership” in the Menu.

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