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  1. Spalzes

    The unique n easy way of remembering thru their mindmaps are commendable. Its the one stop solution of contemporary articles n current affrs with updated data n facts. A smarter way of prep👍

  2. Vikas Hooda

    TO be really honest I haven’t seen or found any platform on internet which could match the output ratio of IAS express , this platform is just unbelievably amazing and very effective in quick revision .
    Why I liked this platform –
    • very very low cost for notes of all the (pre + mains ) subjects add to that CA topics analysis from various newspapers on hot topic
    • notes designed in a way which help you to recollect more while revising rather than just reading them
    • most of the notes from standard books i.e laxmikant , Ramesh singh , Tamilnadu history books
    • most striking features are that my friends can also use my ID and read these notes and IAS Express respond to emails immediately

    few areas which I feel disappointed me (well after getting so many benefits at such a low disappointment is compromisable )
    • only one person is managing all this which takes a little more time ( mains notes are yet to come )

    This is the first time writing a feedback on any website simply because of the reason that I have liked it very very very…………..much.
    Thank you

    • Thank you so much, Vikas for making the time to provide such a nice review. And thanks for all the feedbacks and updates that you’ve frequently suggested to me. I’m working on it. IAS EXPRESS will become a one-stop destination for UPSC aspirants in no time. Thanks for being a member.

  3. Mrinal Singh

    Best site for preparation. I have enrolled in another site but this site provides me with the to-the-point articles which are needed for your mains writing. I would like to tell everyone one should invest in this site and you will not regret it after taking membership. thank you iasexpress for doing such a great job.

  4. Mohan

    A great way to retain the subject with crisp points. A single book strategy for a subject ends up in a score around the cutoff. In some perspective, “Too much materials seems to be dangerous”. Studying more and more books of same subject also leads to confusion at the last minute. IE’s approach of balancing these two strategies is definitely a saviour for last minute revision and face the exam with more confidence.

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  10. Chandhana pandi.K

    It’s very effective initiative at the same time, if this happened as soon as definitely all the environment will be changed perfectly after that we can get hundered percent pure oxygen and by this innovative in future never seen pollution and regarding this need to show awareness posters and related program activitys..